The Digital Policy Framework

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Senator Ian Gorst, Chief Minister
Senator Ian Gorst
Chief minister

Jersey has a long track record as a fast mover, adapting to new trends to carve out its area of expertise.

We have been world-famous as clothing producers, farmers, fishermen and, most recently, as financiers. Digital represents Jersey’s great opportunity to enhance our position as a knowledge-based economy, delivering prosperity and stability for the Island and its people.

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The digital revolution is already transforming business and society, offering significant economic and social opportunities. Jersey is determined to make the most of this revolution.

Using this Framework we will ensure that the Jersey of tomorrow is one of best-connected, most secure and innovative jurisdictions in the world. Our Island will become more dynamic, a place where bold ideas flourish and where new technology can thrive.

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Senator Philip Ozouf
Assistant Chief Minister for Competition, Digital, Financial Services and Innovation

The Digital Policy Framework sets out six core long-term objectives for the future of digital policy-making in Jersey.

The objectives and principles contained in this Framework will determine our approach to policy for the next decade. The objectives describe what we are aiming to achieve, and the principles explain how we will approach policy development to achieve our stated objectives. Greater practical detail will be included in separate documents. This Framework will therefore remain consistent in the face of new challenges as technological change accelerates.

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Targets for Jersey

Diverse Economy
Connected Society
Efficient Government
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Objectives and Performance Indicators

A Thriving Digital Sector icon
A Thriving Digital Sector
  • High-productivity digital sector employment up by 1000 by 2025
  • GVA of the digital sector increased by 50% by 2025
  • Productivity of the sector increased by 10% by 2025
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Digital Skills for All icon
Digital Skills for All
  • Computing curriculum compulsory for all students up to the age of 16 by 2020
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Advanced Digital Infrastructure icon
Advanced Digital Infrastructure
  • Completion of island-wide fibre to the premises broadband rollout by 2019
  • A Universal Service Obligation to guarantee the ability to access 1 Gb/s by 2020
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Government Digital Transformation icon
Government Digital Transformation
  • Digital leadership training provided to 90% of senior management by 2018
  • Monthly publication of performance data online under open licence by 2020
  • A new technology procurement strategy with a clear roadmap by 2018
  • Government data usage in line with international standards on cyber security and data protection
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Robust Cyber Security icon
Robust Cyber Security
  • An incident response mechanism agreed to by Government and industry by 2020
  • The completion of two biennial Island-wide reviews by 2020
  • Extension of the Council of Europe Convention on Cyber Crime to Jersey by 2018
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Secure Data Protection icon
Secure Data Protection
  • A new data protection regime in place by May 2018 meeting EU adequacy standards
  • A new operating model implemented and funding model devised for the Office of the Information Commissioner by May 2018
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Digital Policy Framework 2017