What is the Digital Policy Framework?

The Digital Policy Framework sets out six core long-term objectives for the future of digital policy-making in Jersey.

It follows extensive consultation with Islanders, including contributions from the private sector, states members and government departments, whose valuable perspective shaped the Framework, and whose involvement will be key to its success.

While the pace of technological change accelerates, the objectives and principles that follow will determine our approach for the next ten years. The principles provide a broad, guiding structure for the development of digital policy by government departments and our partner agencies. Greater detail on actions will be included in the separate strategies that will be developed for each objective. This approach ensures that the Framework remains focused and adaptable to changing technology requirements.

This Framework contributes directly to seven of the eleven strategic goals set out in Shaping Our Future.

It will promote safety & security through a robust approach to cyber-security.

It will help Islanders to learn & grow by providing digital skills to all.

It will deliver more efficient public services to improve health & wellbeing.

It will facilitate affordable living through ensuring reasonable pricing in essential telecoms services.

It will shape an attractive business environment to deliver jobs & growth.

The success of this Framework, will mean improved public finances, efficient and convenient public services and well-maintained infrastructure to ensure that Jersey is a well-run Island.

This Framework helps provide the basis for what Government will do to achieve a diverse economy, connected society and efficient Government.

However, the specific actions that we will take are not laid out in this document. They will be developed by Government Ministries, the development agencies, industry and regulators over the coming years in accordance with the Objectives in this Framework.

We will communicate with Islanders about our progress and the actions we are undertaking on a regular basis, and we want to be held up to the goals and targets we have set out here.