Responsibilities and Initiatives

The Digital Policy Framework provides the structure for policymaking from which actions will flow, as designed by a number of different partners. The responsibility for delivery of these objectives over the coming years will lie with the corresponding Government Department or body, as below.

Objective Lead Government bodies
Thriving Digital Sector Digital Jersey; Chief Minister’s Department – Digital Policy Unit
Digital Skills for All Department for Education, Digital Jersey
Government Digital Transformation Chief Minister’s Department - Information Services
Advanced Digital Infrastructure Chief Minister’s Department – Digital Policy Unit
Robust Cyber Security Chief Minister’s Department – Digital Policy Unit; Cyber Security Task Force
Secure Data Protection Chief Minister’s Department – Digital Policy Unit and Information Services

A number of partners will work with Government to achieve our objectives. A selection of the key initiatives for 2017 is included below. This is not exhaustive and will be updated, while always remaining within the structure of the Digital Policy Framework.

Output Description Key delivery partners Deadline
Cyber security strategy A new strategy to make Jersey a safer place to live and do business in Chief Minister's Department, Cyber Security Task Force Q1
Digital health strategy A new strategy to digitise the Island’s whole health and care sector Digital Jersey, Health and Social Services Department Q1
Fintech strategy A new strategy to develop Jersey's proposition as a fintech centre Digital Jersey, Chief Minister’s Department, Jersey Finance, Jersey Financial Services Commission Q2
Smart Island Strategy A new strategy to develop Jersey's proposition as a centre for the Internet of Things Digital Jersey, Department for Infrastructure Q2
Education Business Partnership Creating a forum for education providers and industry to collaborate and partner to increase digital skills in Jersey Digital Jersey, Department for Education Q4
Digital sector statistics released Statistics on Jersey's digital sector including GVA, employment and productivity released Digital Jersey, Government Statistics Unit Q4
Data protection legislation drafted and lodged for debate Legislation for a new data protection regime goes to the States for debate Chief Minister's Department, Law Officers’ Department Q3
New model for Office of the Information Commissioner Regulatory and funding model agreed Chief Minister’s Department Q4
Telecoms strategy A new strategy for the future of Jersey's telecoms environment Chief Minister's Department, CICRA Q3
Skills Strategy A renewed strategy including a plan for digital skills in Jersey Department for Education, Digital Jersey Q4

This Framework helps provide the basis for what Government will do to achieve a diverse economy, connected society and efficient Government.

However, the specific actions that we will take are not laid out in this document. They will be developed by Government Ministries, the development agencies, industry and regulators over the coming years in accordance with the Objectives in this Framework.

We will communicate with Islanders about our progress and the actions we are undertaking on a regular basis, and we want to be held up to the goals and targets we have set out here.