What does Jersey offer?

A stable political system with fiscal and legal autonomy. Jersey has no net debt thanks to significant reserves.
A leading and growing international finance centre, with a broad range of products and services that competing jurisdictions find difficult to match.
A welcoming and forward-thinking regulatory and legislative environment, built on close cooperation between regulators, government and industry. Jersey already has regulations to allow virtual currencies.
A world-leading network of digital infrastructure with over two thirds of premises having access to high-speed fibre broadband, 3 stand-alone 4G networks and world-class data centres.
A rapidly growing digital sector that already employs over 4% of Jersey’s workforce. Tech businesses and entrepreneurs form a community for work, collaboration and learning.
A robust and independent judicial system based on modern commercial law principles.
A tax-neutral environment, with no capital transfer tax, capital gains tax, value added tax, withholding taxes or wealth taxes. This provides tax certainty and allows for fiscally efficient cross-border investment.
A technology-friendly education system with ICT study compulsory for students up to the age of 16, a computing curriculum up to the age of 16 and reskilling courses for the Island’s workforce.
Digital Policy Framework 2017

This Framework helps provide the basis for what Government will do to achieve a diverse economy, connected society and efficient Government.

However, the specific actions that we will take are not laid out in this document. They will be developed by Government Ministries, the development agencies, industry and regulators over the coming years in accordance with the Objectives in this Framework.

We will communicate with Islanders about our progress and the actions we are undertaking on a regular basis, and we want to be held up to the goals and targets we have set out here.