How has Government engaged Islanders in the formulation of this Framework?

Over the summer of 2016, Government held a consultation, asking for written responses as well as hosting sessions with Island interest groups to ensure that all views were taken into consideration. The sessions included:

  • ‍Several sessions for local digital professionals
  • A session for States Members
  • A session for young people
  • A session for other members of the Island community

Written responses were taken from many organisations and individuals on the island including Digital Jersey, the Jersey Financial Services Commission, the Institute of Directors Jersey, the Jersey Consumer Council and digital professionals.

Going forward, as we put this Framework into action, we will work closely with external partners to deliver our objectives, while adhering to the principles of the Framework.

How has Government engaged Islanders in the formulation of this Framework?

The consultation provided many useful suggestions and comments, which strengthened this Framework considerably. Specifically, we have made changes including the following:

  • ‍We have included key performance indicators to measure our success
  • We have included some measures of the current digital economy
  • We have prioritised a number of issues that were brought up including access to finance, civil service digital skills, international competitiveness etc.

How much did the document cost to prepare?

The Framework was prepared internally by members of the Government’s Digital Policy Unit, in conversation with other Ministries and sections of Government, as well as external bodies including Digital Jersey. This came at no additional cost to the taxpayer.

What are the next steps for Government?

There are a number of strategies that Government will release to support the objectives laid out in this Framework. The first of these will be a Cyber Security Strategy due for release following the publication of this Framework.

This Framework helps provide the basis for what Government will do to achieve a diverse economy, connected society and efficient Government.

However, the specific actions that we will take are not laid out in this document. They will be developed by Government Ministries, the development agencies, industry and regulators over the coming years in accordance with the Objectives in this Framework.

We will communicate with Islanders about our progress and the actions we are undertaking on a regular basis, and we want to be held up to the goals and targets we have set out here.