Advanced Digital Infrastructure

Jersey has excellent digital infrastructure.

Maintaining and developing this digital infrastructure as both technology and consumer demand evolve will be critical to achieving our digital aspirations.

Government will continue to support projects that improve the reliability, resilience and affordability of Jersey’s infrastructure. By 2019, for example, fibre to the premises will have been rolled out across the Island, delivering some of the highest broadband speeds available anywhere in the world. Government policies will also look further to the future, encouraging innovation and resilience in the telecommunications sector, to ensure that next-generation services are available in Jersey in the long-term.

The delivery of advanced digital infrastructure will be supported by a telecommunications strategy that will describe the specific steps to be taken, including ensuring 1Gb/s broadband availability to every premises, and the optimal use of spectrum so that consumers have access to the range of services they require. In all of this, Government will continue to encourage a competitive market that promotes affordability and a high quality of products and services.


Support projects that improve digital infrastructure
Encourage affordable services, with appropriate choice for homes and businesses
Promote innovation in the delivery of next-generation networks and services
Maintain resilience and capacity of Jersey’s digital infrastructure

Key Performance Indicators

  • Completion of island-wide fibre to the premises broadband rollout by 2019
  • A Universal Service Obligation to guarantee the ability to access 1 Gb/s by 2020