Government Digital Transformation

Technology has the potential to substantially improve the experience of engaging with government, with marked benefits for government spending.

The eGovernment programme will improve customer service by moving services online. We will build on this by using technology to transform how Government operates.

Government will look for far-reaching changes, including addressing its culture, practices, and technology. This approach will reduce cost and shape a government responsive to the Island’s needs. In doing so, government will clarify its future technology requirements to ensure that local companies continue to have opportunities to compete for public sector technology contracts.

Digital transformation requires a digitally skilled civil service and a sufficient number of digital specialists to deliver real change. By combining better use of technology with greater transparency, government will improve trust and engagement in the political process. As more services become available online, government will continue to focus on the public’s needs, improving the user experience and the availability of services.


Embed a digital culture within Government
Improve Islanders' experience of public services through the use of technology
Take a default approach of openness and transparency
Equip Ministers and civil servants with the skills to lead a digital organisation

Key Performance Indicators

  • Digital leadership training provided to 90% of senior management by 2018
  • A new technology procurement strategy with a clear roadmap by 2018
  • Regular publication of performance and spending data under open licence by 2020
  • Government data usage in line with international standards on cyber security and data protection