Secure Data Protection

Advances in data generation, storage, transmission and analysis are transforming the ways that businesses and governments operate, but also present challenges to privacy.

A fit-for-purpose data protection regime is vital to protect individual rights and maintain access to international markets.

Islanders have a right to know and choose how their data is used. Yet, businesses require the ability to process personal data, with confidence and clarity, to produce the products and services we value as consumers. Government will introduce a new business-friendly data protection regime that strengthens the protection of individual rights whilst promoting commercial innovation.

In doing so, we will ensure that the Island continues to benefit from compliance with the strongest international standards on data protection to ensure ongoing market access with Jersey’s trading partners. By working with regulators and industry, government will make sure that any new regulations are simple to follow and provide clear guidance on how to comply with the new regime.


Protect individual rights while maximising the benefits of enhanced data use
Ensure continued adequacy with international standards for storing and processing data
Enhance Jersey's international competitiveness as a jurisdiction for storing and processing data
Help businesses to understand their rights and requirements

Key Performance Indicators

  • A new data protection regime in place by May 2018 meeting EU adequacy standards
  • A new operating model implemented and funding model devised for the Office of the Information Commissioner by May 2018